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New to affiliate marketing?

Here’s a quick definition to help you understand what the movement is all about.

  • Companies and individuals are good at making products and services, but their key to success lies in attracting buyers.
  • Traditional marketing requires a large, up-front spend on ads for TV, radio, and periodicals. However, there is no guarantee that this will result in sales.
  • Traditional marketing is also difficult to measure in terms of effectiveness, reach, and conversion rates.
  • Affiliate marketing is where a company offers a commission to people who assist in a sale.
  • Companies provide their affiliates with traceable links that affiliates can add to their own website or promote through social media.
  • If someone clicks the affiliate link and buys something, the affiliate receives a commission.
  • This approach to marketing allows companies to only pay for the advertising that results in sales. As well, the affiliate has a compelling reason to promote the company, because a successful sale means money in their pocket.
  • This is a basic explanation, but is sufficient for beginners who are hoping to become a Forex affiliate.
  • Forex affiliate programs are among the highest-paying, which means that the competition is intense.
  • You should read Forex affiliate reviews to choose the best broker.

Interested in Forex trading strategies?

Here’s an overview for those who are new to FX trading tactics.

  • The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world, and it runs 24 hours/day.
  • Forex is short for ‘foreign exchange’.
  • Traders buy currencies they believe will appreciate in value (compared to another currency) and sell those they believe will lose value.
  • FX trading can be very volatile for a number of reasons: economic news, political and military activity, how different commodities and markets are moving, and investor psychology.
  • For this reason, new traders are advised to trade a dummy account that uses imaginary money, before risking their own capital.
  • Traders often rely on something called technical analysis, which is essentially the art and science of chart reading.
  • As well, Forex trading software is growing in importance because it allows users to analyze the market quickly, set alerts, and buy or sell automatically.
  • For more, check out our articles page.

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